SEN Children’s Families in Greece in the middle of the crises


The Greek economy recession is a crucial problem, observable in all levels of Greek citizens and especially on psychological, humanitarian and moral level. However, it is to noted that this critical problem is not clearly perceivable in vulnerable social groups such as migrant families and families with disabled children.

Developing activities in the old Triandria School of Thessaloniki within a daily contact and communication with the above mentioned vulnerable social groups, it has become apparent to the members of INCLUDE that the problem is not only to be considered on economic terms but also on psychological ones, taking into account the psychosocial effects, resilience and ability of these groups to face everyday issues and the worst of all, stigma. Thus, an in depth investigation and detailed written presentation of the impact of the crises is imperative within the effort to develop interventions which eliminate social exclusion while at the same time improving social cohesion by providing resilience through family initiatives.

Elimination of social exclusion of families with disabled children suffering from disorders in the spectrum of autism, mental retardation, hearing, etc, according to the to the Universal Declaration of UNESCO (1994) in Salamanca is Inclusive education: “Inclusive education constitutes the most effective means of combating discriminatory attitudes, creating welcoming communities, building a more inclusive society but also it provides an effective education to the majority of children, thus improving the efficiency of the entire education”.

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