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Who we are

The Interdisciplinary Network of Special and Intercultural Education,

"INCLUDE" was founded as a scientific association in March 2011 in Thessaloniki to promote inclusive education

We are an interdisciplinary network that works to reduce inequalities in education. We design, implement, evaluate and propose inclusive practices that promote the equal education of children with disabilities or different socio-cultural backgrounds and mobilize vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion in active social action with the aim of " no one being left behind " . Include exploits difference and makes it a factor of social development and action



With Include

No one is left Behind

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Summative Action

Judo For ALL

"Whatever you do, if you want to achieve it to perfection, you have to use the power of your body and mind in the most effective way. This is the great path. I called this path Judo."

Jigoro Kano


Summative Action

Robotics For All

Children learn to work together and achieve social and cognitive goals. The educational robotics activity at the "School for All Tokei Maru" is an opportunity for interdisciplinary and collaborative learning, and contributes to the development of social skills.


Inclusive Action

Self-awareness- Self-regulation

"Self-awareness" is the awareness of ourselves, the "knowledge of oneself". The state of deep self-awareness, the full understanding of individual causation. We learn "Self-regulation" which is the ability that each person possesses in managing the state of emotions, behaviors, attention and helps in the pursuit of positive goals.

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