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Alexandros Astaras

Scientific Associate

Assistant Professor of Informatics, American College of Thessaloniki Electrical Engineer (PhD) Researcher in Biomedical Engineering at the Laboratory of Medical Physics of the Medical School of AUTh.


Andreas Oikonomou

Scientific Associate

Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology Doctoral Degree in Pedagogy, Department of Preschool Education AUTh


Alta Xanthippi Panera

Scientific Associate

Psychologist with a specialization in Counseling (Widener University) Postgraduate in Developmental and Educational Psychology with emphasis on Lifelong Development (Teacher's College, Columbia University) Education in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy ) .Member of the Society of Cognitive Analytical Psychotherapy.Theoretical and practical retraining of Trauma Therapy with the EMDR method (2020) Member of EMDR Hellas »


Antonia Karapantazi

Scientific Associate

Graduate of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh. Holds the Intergrade Master of the school specializing in painting. Has held a solo exhibition in 2014 on child labor Has attended an annual training seminar of Special Education at the University of Macedonia. He has been working in Secondary Special Education schools since 2016.

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